• What is Google domain?

    Google is a name synonymous with cyber technology. Almost everything and anything internet is associated with Google and now in the domain realm. What does it mean to have Google in the domain registration game and how will it affect the everyday internet business? I will answer these questions in the following discussion, but first, let’s understand what Google Domain is?

    Google Domain service

    Google Domain is a domain name registrar offering domain name registration to individuals and businesses. Google presently provides beta domain registration services serving clients in the US. In addition to providing the domain registration service, Google also offers the following services at no additional cost:

    • DNS hosting.
    • Private domain registration
    • Dynamic DNS service
    • Email forwarding to any Gmail address
    • Domain forwarding
    • Domain transfer
    • Domain search

    Understanding Domain

    A domain name is an internet location where your website is situated online. If your site is a store, the domain name is the plot of land where your store building is erected. It means no one else can locate their website on the same domain you have acquired and set up your internet presence. With a domain name, you have a parcel of virtual land where you can build your virtual store so that people all over the world can have access to your products and services.

  • How do you get Google Domain?

    If you are considering getting a domain through Google Domain, note that the service is currently not available is every country because it is still in its beta stage. However, if you fall within the beta coverage area, you can use Google Domain services to acquire a domain.

    You will have access to Google Domain beta service is you are resident in the US, Canada, the UK, and India. If you are located outside these areas, you will have to sign up for Google Domain notification to be notified when the service is available in your country.


    If you are in the coverage countries, follow the steps below to get your Google Domain.

    1. Go to domains.google.com. When you get to this page, you will find the Google Domain search to check the availability of the domains to buy. The available domains will include the common types like .com, .net, .org and other trade specific domains that best describe your niche. You can choose your preferred domain and add to your cart.
    1. Provide your contact information in the WHOIS database. You need to supply the information that will be available to the public for your domain. Note that at the time of registering your domain, the system does not allow you to enter separate registrant, tech contact, and admin. Just go with the available option and go back later to update your detailed information as you prefer.
    1. Make payment for your domain. Depending on the domain you are buying, the prices for the different domains vary, but Google Domain prices are far more competitive than what you get elsewhere. Go ahead to pay for your domain using Google Wallet, Visa, or MasterCard.
    1. Build your website. After paying for your domain, you can use any of Google Domain website builder partners including Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Blogger or Shopify. Note that you will pay for using any of the site builders except Blogger which comes free because it is part of Google service you get when you buy any Google product.
  • Benefits of using Google Domain

    • Hassle free online experience. Like I said in the opening, Google is almost synonymous with the internet. And one of the reasons Google Domain has joined the long list of Google services is to continue to make your online experience hassle free. Thus, with Google Domain, your access to the internet and including owning a website is simpler and less daunting than ever.
    • Easy access to the virtual real estate. Domain name is like buying a piece of land in your locality to establish your estate. Ditto, Google Domain is living its objective of enhancing your access to the internet as a stakeholder.
    • Remove technology bottleneck. In the past, to register a domain can be confusing for people without cyber technical knowledge. But Google Domain is straight to the point and all the fluffs you will find in other domain registrant removed.
    • Versatility and robustness in service integration. Just like with a Google Email that you have access to Google Suite of products, Google Domain easily syncs with Google Apps with access to email, storage and records and much more including access to Google DNS servers.


    In all internet services that Google has ventured, it has revolutionized them all. With Google gaining its traction in domain services, one expects better domain registration and associated services to improve with the prices becoming more competitive than ever!

    If Google didn't work for you, you can check out other companies such as Shopify to find your domains.