Is registering a domain name the same thing as owning a domain name?

If you want to register domains or a single domain, you are probably wondering whether you are also the owner of the name you will register. This is an interesting question that requires a thorough explanation. It is obvious that some legal issues are involved in this matter.

For starters, let’s highlight the fact that it is impossible to outright own a domain name. The truth is that even well-established and world-renowned brands like YouTube, Facebook and others must renew their domain name registrations once they expire. So, technically speaking, when you register a domain name, you are actually renting it. Of course, you can pay to use it for a maximum of ten years and during this period of time, it is almost impossible to lose your domain name as long as you are following the terms and conditions.

But, there is another scenario that is causing concern to many people. Namely, it is possible to pay for domain name registration and not own it at all. For example, if the domain registration process you’ve finished has a wrong name on it, you can expect problems and difficulties. In order to determine whether there is a problem, you should first check the WHOIS record. In case the website doesn’t use any privacy services and settings, you will be able to determine the registrant name, the phone, and the address. Even if the privacy protection service is paid you should be able to get this information through the customer support.

There are dozens of cases in which the web designer or a former employee is the actual owner of the domain name people have registered. If you find yourself in a situation like this it is important to stay calm. It is illegal for them to say that they are the owners, so by telling them that they should switch the ownership, you will probably get a positive response. If not, you can bring this matter to court.

If you don’t have a problem like this, you can use the registered domain in any way you want. Of course, as we said before you will have to comply with the registrar’s terms and conditions. Registering a domain name for a certain period of time gives you almost every right that you can expect from a legal ownership.

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